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payment paypal
How does work PayPal?
You can send money to all person having access to an address email. Send money to your family and to your friends, regulate goods and services or an object eBay. When you carry out your online purchases after opening an account PayPal, choose simply PayPal as payment method. You connect to your account PayPal using your address email and of your password PayPal and confirm the payment.
You easily can integrate PayPal to receive the payments originating of your bids eBay or of your online shop. If your customers regulate with PayPal, you will receive the money on your account PayPal. You can choose to be informed by email of every payment received.
How to open an account PayPal?
The opening of an account is simple and free and takes only some minutes.
1. click on the link To Open an account at the top of any page PayPal.
2. choose the type of account PayPal that suits you the better.
3. seize your coordinated ones. Want to enter the name and the address that you communicated to your bank establishment.
4. seize your address e-mail and a password. The password must include at least 8 characters.
5. accept the Conditions of usage and the Regulation on the respect of private life.
6. click on To Open an account.
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